Yes, another Asos haul lovelies (but this time it's only one item).

So I ordered this on March 1st and I do realise that was only two days after my previous order, but I changed my mind on this item and it had 20% off, so really it was a no brainer and I just had to purchase it. I had been eyeing up this piece for months and when I mentioned to my mum that it had money off, she was the one who pushed me into buying it.

I was unsure on it before because of the length and being only 5'3" I didn't want it being too long and risk it making me look even shorter than I am. But it is perfect and I'm so chuffed that I changed my mind. Yet again, Cheap Monday have won my heart with little number and I will be wearing it as often as I can when Summer comes.

My only problem with this is what to wear with it, like what shoes does one wear with a mid length dyed denim sleeveless dress? I'm thinking more on the lines of my black double strap Birkenstock sandals. I need some help with this one lovelies.


  1. Hello Dolly Doll
    What a lovely start to a beautiful blog i can see you put so much effort into this and i can tell you've got a lovely character side of you. Keep up the hard work and was wondering if you could do a post on you recomendations to go out in London or a post about where you work and what its like in fashion retail.
    Sarah Colin xoxoxo

    1. Wow, thank you. I love that people have been taking the time to check out my blog, it means a lot.

      And I don't really go out much in London, but I think I'd enjoy sharing what I know and what I've learnt from my job, so I can do that post for you soon.

      x x x


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