Revolution Favourites

Make Up Revolution has become an ever growing favourite brand of mine that has now joint my make up collection and I'm loving it very much. I have a number of their palettes, liquid lipsticks and brushes.

My first purchase from them was the Ultra Brow - Fair to Medium palette and if I'm honest, I do love it, but.. I've only used it twice since buying it. I should use it more, but I struggle with filling my brows in with powders and the cream colours in the palette aren't perfect.

Now, the other three palettes I do use every time I do my make up.

I have the Ultra Contour Palette, the Blush Palette All About Cream and a highlight palette that I can't find on their website, so I can only assume that you can no longer buy it (which is a shame because it is amazing!).

Also, the best thing I bought was from the I Heart Make Up section from Revolution and that is the Blushing Hearts - Goddess of Love Highlighter. The best way to describe it is a heart shaped box with a rose gold shimmer shade of goodness. I can not leave the house without this on my cheek bones!

Also the other products I haven't mentioned are in the image above. So we have two rather bright pink eye shadows, one called 'Candy Frosted' and the other 'U Know U Want To'. I haven't used these yet as I am a little scared to put pink on my eye lids, but I suppose I could always use these as a blush if need be. And then we have the Give Me More Power lipsticks that come with a shimmering lipgloss each. I can't remember the names of them as I got a bit excited when they arrived and I just ripped off all the packaging.

Now moving onto my liquid lipsticks. I have some of the Ultra Velour Lip Cream colours and some Salvation Velvet Lacquers.

From left to right: Keep trying for you, Velvet rebel, Keep lying for you, I fall in love, Keep crying for you, You took my love, Keep flying for you.

From left to right: Not one for playing games, All I think about is you, Move your mouth forever, Can't we just make love instead, Say yes it's what we do best.

I haven't used all my liquid lipsticks yet as I don't tend to wear lipstick everyday, but I'm slowly going through them all and I haven't yet found one that I don't like. The ones I have tried do last throughout the day, but they are not smudge proof as they do not dry matte. So when drinking I try to use a straw, but after eating you'll need to top yourself up again. When applying them, I use a lipliner first just so I can get a clean and precise line (sometimes I over liner my bottom lip too, so the liner helps with that also).

I will be adding to my Revolutions collection, so do expect a follow up post about new products when I get my hands on them!


  1. I've never used any of their product but these colours look amazing. I love the blush palette - I never knew such a thing existed!

    Jodie -

    1. You should give some of their stuff a try, it's reasonably priced as well. You can get hold of it through their website or in some Superdrug stores. But seriously, their blushes and highlighters are incredible.


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