Collective Haul

I ordered a few bits about a week ago and they all arrived around about the same time this week, so I thought I'd gather them together and put them in one haul post for you all.


It starts off with the best purchase I've made this year and that is the Fenty x Puma Leadcat slides that were released on Friday 22nd and sold out the same day. I managed to get a black pair just seconds after they we released online - as you can imagine I was really quite happy after that. I bought mine through Office's website for £59.99.


I haven't shopped on lamoda in awhile, but it sudden came into my head because they have a great range of shoes and handbags. So I did some looking around and came across the Playa's Only Black Sunglasses. I already own 3 pairs of sunglasses (and yes they are all black) but they are all different shapes and sizes so that makes it okay. I'm a girl, we're allowed more than one of the same thing right? But then that's how we get to the bag situation. I can't tell you how many bags I have, because there are a lot - but like I just said, us chicks are allowed more than one of the same thing. So I treated myself to the Knockout Green Camouflage Hold All Bag, because why not. It also comes in orange for anyone who is wondering.

Now I didn't really need any of these things - so I guess they were just impulse buys. For starters I came across the lace up camo sweat, that went straight in my basket! Then it all went down hill from there and I needed to stop myself from buying everything. Can you tell there was a theme going on with my Miss Guided purchases? Everything's grey.


I then received an email from Asos about 20% off with unidays, so naturally I used my mum's login and to get some money off of the things that have been sitting in my saved items for weeks. One of the things was listed on my Homewear Wishlist and that is the Sunnylife Skull Plant Pot. I'm currently redecorating my bathroom and that will love perfect on my window ledge with a succulent in it!

Whenever I am shopping on Asos' website, the first thing I do is search Cheap Monday just to see if anything new has been added. I'm still undecided about a few things, but I saw this block sweater and thought "yes, I need it!" I shouldn't really keep buying jumpers and other various sweatshirt type things because I am sat here hoping that the summer weather will be greeting us soon - but it's nearly May and I'm sure I saw it snowing a couple days ago.

I suppose my final purchase from Asos could be classed as summer shoes - a two pack of espadrilles. I only really wanted a plain black pair, but it works out cheaper to buy the two pack instead of just one pair. I can't say whether I will wear the snake skin ones, but who knows. If not they'll probably end up on my depop or in a charity bag.

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