May Goals

I wouldn't really describe myself as a goal orientated person, but I am trying to get into the habit of becoming more organised - so I'm hoping by setting myself monthly goals, I'll be a little more organised and happy with my way of life.

1. Tidy up the pile of clothes that have been sitting in the corner of my room for weeks! I like to think that every girl has that one pile of clean clothes that they've tried on when getting ready, but you can't quite find that perfect outfit and by time you've sorted yourself out, you're too lazy to hang everything back up afterwards. Well that is what my pile is, but I will admit that it takes me forever to finally hang everything back up again - and this needs to stop!

2. Book my driving test. I've been meaning to ask my instructor if I'm ready yet, as I believe I could possibly be and I can't keep putting it off because I have actually had enough of public transport now. I just want to be able to drive myself to work in the mornings and then drive home again! It will also give me so much more freedom.

3. Have a clear out. I have so much stuff that my mum is convinced my floor will cave in soon. I've already pulled out a lot of clothing that I'm willing to sell online, but it still seems like I have tons more and I don't quite understand where it has all come from. I have a few bits on my depop that I'm looking to get rid of asap, so go buy my stuff - @ellanorris_

Let's do this!


  1. I love your organiser in the pic - where is it from? :) I need a clear out too haha, always feels so good after you've done it!

    1. I got it from Asos, but it's by a brand called Ban. Do and they have their own website xx


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