20 Facts About Me

I don't find myself interesting in the slightest, but I thought it would be nice for me to let you lovelies get to know me a little better. I sat here for quite some time trying to think of some facts about myself and amazingly I did actually manage to think of twenty. So here they are:

01. I have four piercings and three tattoos (more to come obviously)
02. I've seen A Day To Remember live seven times - their my favourite band
03. I'm scared of the dark
04. I'm a huge fan of Marvel and DC films
05. My favourite beauty product is highlighter - can't go out without a little glow!
06. I have eleven stuffed unicorns
07. I really want to travel along Route 66
08. I have a passion for interior design
09. I'm addicted to peanut butter
10. I've seen all the Lord Of The Rings films about a hundred times
11. Coconut oil is my secret weapon
12. I always wear huge hoop earrings
13. Sean Paul is my guilty pleasure
14. I'm going to become an aunt in November & I can't quite contain my excitement
15. Mojito is my favourite cocktail
16. I randomly quote lines from films when I'm bored
17. I eat three packets of crisps at a time (fatty)
18. I have the worst habit of biting my nails - someone give me tips to help stop
19. The only meat I eat is chicken
20. I'm currently obsessing over Gossip Girl

Can you think of twenty facts about yourself?

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