June Goals

I actually did quite well and managed to stick to the previous goals I gave myself for last month. So here's to attempting to keep it up by giving myself some more goals for this month.

1. Keep up with my skincare routine. I've been slacking a bit recently with this and I'm paying the price now. Loads of tiny spots are taking over my chin, my forehead and nose are super dry and my confidence is slipping. So let's get back to feeling good about myself!

2. Stop complaining about work. I hate my job, but it is better than not having one - so instead of me bitching and moaning about how much I hate it, my mission is to find a new one.

3. Cut down on unhealthy foods. I eat ridiculous amounts of foods that aren't doing anything for my health - and this needs to stop. I need to get into the habit of sticking to three meals a day and no snacking (unless it's an apple).

4. Drink more water!

Have you set any goals for yourself this month?

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  1. These are great goals! Good luck in achieving them :)

    xo, Liz


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