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Instead of cramming my whole make-up collection into one post, I thought I'd do it product at a time to make it less boring for you. In the past year, my love for make-up has grown a lot - finally I'm becoming a girl. So lets get down to business, these are the seven foundations I swap between quite often - sticking to one is hard and matching a foundation to your skin tones is the worst task ever!

If you're only popping to the corner shop and you are in a rush or you just can't be bothered to spend forever doing your make up, this foundation is good for those situations. It's not so easy to apply this with a beauty blender or any face sponge, so I recommend using a brush for this one. 

This is by far the best foundation I have ever used. The coverage isn't great, but it is easily build-able and is the only foundation out of these seven that actually matches my skin tone. 

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation | £8.99
This was my go to foundation, before the Match Perfection came into my life. Again, the coverage isn't amazing but it does blend well. I have the shade ivory (which is the shade I go to the most), but it's actually a little to light for me.

I used to love this foundation, until I ran out and when purchasing a new one, I picked up the wrong shade. Yes I could easily go back into Superdrug or Boots and buy the correct shade, but I have a new favourite now.

It's hard to pick the right shade of this foundation, I think I've been through them all. It's not my favourite but it's there if I need it.

I loved this when I first used it, the only thing I do dislike is that the shade I have (120 Vanilla) is a tiny bit too dark for me. The coverage is incredible - but because the colour is a little off, I have to really buff it into my skin and neck, and use a hell of a lot of my loose powder over the top.

This could probably be the worst foundation I have ever bought. It is still sat on my vanity and I have no clue why. I found that is doesn't do anything for my skin, so really I need to bin it. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who has combination to oil skin - normal skin type might be safe.

What foundations are in your make-up stash?

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