Lime Crime Velvetines

I have got myself a nice little collection of the amazing liquid matte lipsticks from Lime Crime, so I thought I would do a post about them and obviously show you some swatches as well. Now I know that a lot of people still have some issues buying from them due to a number of controversies, but they added some information to their website for any worried customers - found here. As for the security breach on the website in 2014, there is the option to pay via PayPal instead of entering any bank and card details - I highly recommend PayPal as if there were any complications, it's a lot easier to sort out problems that way.

But enough of that, let's get down to business...

Now out of the nine shades I own, I think I've only worn 4 of them. They last through out the day, they don't smudge when you eat or drink and I haven't yet tested if their kiss proof - but I'm sure they are. Even though some of the ones I have may not be a normal colour to wear, like the green, I think their really wearable and it doesn't even matter if their an odd colour. If people stare, who cares! Out of all the liquid lipsticks I own, Lime Crime's velvetines will always be my favourites.

True Love Set - £45.77 £33.56
This is a set of three velvetines in the shades Cupid, True Love and Saint (from top to bottom). You can now buy these shades individually for £15.26 each.

2 Moods Duo - £30.51 £24.41
This is a set of two velvetines in the shades Marshmallow and Raven (from left to right). You can now buy these shades individually for £15.26 each.

Teddy Bear (lilac brown) - £15.26

Trouble (olive) - £15.26 £12.20

Pumpkin (brick red) - £15.26 £12.20

Black Velvet (true black) - £15.26 £12.20

Have you tried any of the Lime Crime Velvetines? What are your favourites?

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