Tattoo Update

On the 7th of this month I had an appointment with my tattooist, which was long over due, to add some more to my left arm. Originally the plan was to just have two peonies and then move on to the next thing - but every time I would scroll through instagram and come across another of Rodrigo's completed projects, I knew I wanted more. We still have one more session to go, then my arm will be complete and I can more on to the next project.

I have some ideas for what I would like to get done in the future, but the only thing holding me back is money. When you work part time and get paid minimum wage, it's kind of hard to finance the things that make you happy. How depressing is that? But I actually emailed earlier today to get the last session for this booked in, as I've got a week off next month and thought it would be perfect to try getting an appointment sorted for then.

Now on the pain scale, this was by far the worst. I believe it hurt more this time because the majority of it is on my inner arm - which is a sensitive area for me. For me whilst getting a tattoo done, it hurts less if I'm focusing on other things, for example having a conversation with someone or listening to another artists tattoo gun buzzing in the background. Now that it is a few days old, healing and the swelling has gone down, it has bruised and still is very tender.

Updates will follow when I get the final bits finished on this piece - and then it's on to the next!

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