Winter Wishlist

I have spent far too much of my time shopping online recently and I've found it hard to rein myself in and calm down before I spend too much. It's that time of year to start thinking about other people and start buying Christmas presents, so I'm putting myself on hold for now - but it doesn't hurt to look does it? I put together a little list of some of things I am desperate for that I might even add to my Christmas list (yes I still write a list, do not judge me). You may also notice that this wish list doesn't include any beauty products, but that is a whole new kettle of fish - basically, that list is taller than I am.

1. Vivienne Westwood Busta Black Pouch (£125)
2. Long Gone Metallica Puppets Black T-Shirt (£32)
3. Diamond Quilted Tote Bag (£29 £8)
4. Light Before Dark Black Mesh Maxi Dress (£42)

5. Long Tassel Scarf in Supersoft Knit (£12)
6. Sterling Silver Ball Bangle (£30)
7. Light Before Dark Black Mesh & Lace Midi Slip Dress (£39)
8. Vivienne Westwood Suzie Friendship Bracelet (£55)

9. Sheer Star Mesh Top (£14.99)
10. Studded Western Belt (£9.99)
11. Leopard Varsity Jumper (£29.99)

What's on your wish list for the winter season?

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  1. Lovely wishlist! I love everything you picked. A few more blanket scarves are definitely on my wishlist this winter!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge


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