My Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Collection

From left to right: Echo, Outlaw, Mother, Double Dare, Lolita II, Lolita and Bow N Arrow.

Out of all of the liquid lipsticks I own, these are by far my favourite! The packaging, the pigmentation, how quickly they dry, how they feel once they've dried, how long they last throughout the day... Uh! They are just perfect. I'm definitely going to purchase some more colours - especially some of the new shades that will be released soon.

I find myself wearing Bow N Arrow the most, so I would say it is my favourite out of them all - and I'm still not brave enough to Echo out in public, but I couldn't resist buying it because it is a beautiful dark shade of blue.

I purchased all of my Kat Von D products from the Debenhams website - it's easier with no extra shipping fees from the US, plus they do free delivery into store (the everlasting liquid lipsticks retail for £16 each).

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  1. Lovely collection. The KVD liquid lipsticks are my fave!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge


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