Winter Wishlist

Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation and Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation

I had heard good things about this foundation prior to purchasing it - from people I know as well as youtube reviews and tutorials including the product. So it was a pretty big must for me to buy it and test it out for myself. I bought mine through the Debenham's website as they had 10% off selected beauty products (including this foundation - how lucky).

My Vanity

I recently got a new desk and was finally able to make my vanity a little less cluttered. So why not make a post for you lovelies to get a peek at the most important part of my room - besides my bed of course.

Lime Crime Livin' On A Prairie

New Beauty Pick Ups

So I went shopping last weekend and bought some new bits, even though I didn't really need them. I've used these products non stop since I get them, so I'll add a little review for each one too.

This highlighter comes in four shades, I have Sunbeam and Gleam. I hadn't tried a liquid highlighter, until now. In my opinion, it's not as great as a powder - so I use the two together to get an extra bright glow.

Lime Crime Velvetines

I have got myself a nice little collection of the amazing liquid matte lipsticks from Lime Crime, so I thought I would do a post about them and obviously show you some swatches as well. Now I know that a lot of people still have some issues buying from them due to a number of controversies, but they added some information to their website for any worried customers - found here. As for the security breach on the website in 2014, there is the option to pay via PayPal instead of entering any bank and card details - I highly recommend PayPal as if there were any complications, it's a lot easier to sort out problems that way.

But enough of that, let's get down to business...

Now out of the nine shades I own, I think I've only worn 4 of them. They last through out the day, they don't smudge when you eat or drink and I haven't yet tested if their kiss proof - but I'm sure they are. Even though some of the ones I have may not be a normal colour to wear, like the green, I think their really wearable and it doesn't even matter if their an odd colour. If people stare, who cares! Out of all the liquid lipsticks I own, Lime Crime's velvetines will always be my favourites.

True Love Set - £45.77 £33.56
This is a set of three velvetines in the shades Cupid, True Love and Saint (from top to bottom). You can now buy these shades individually for £15.26 each.

July Goals

Here we go again, some more monthly goals..

June Favourites

Beauty Favourites

Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipstick in Celebrity Skin - mentioned in a previous post here.

Limecrime Velvetine in Marshmallow - £30.15 £24.12
Now this gorgeous nude shade is part of a duo set called '2 Moods Duo', it is described as a cotton candy nude and the second colour is Raven and is described as the darkest colour ever made without being black. I wore Marshmallow with my Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin, to give my lips a kind of ombre look and I think it kind of worked - well my mum said it looked nice! I am yet to try Raven - because it's such a dark purple, I'll probably leave that as an Autumn shade.

Limecrime Velvetine in Teddy Bear - £15.06
This shade was inspired by Melanie Martinez and is described as a lilac brown. It's an utterly gorgeous  shade that anyone could pull off. I'm really loving brown/dark nude lip colours at the moment, so this is a winner.

Things That Make Me Happy

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

I had been wanting to get some of Jeffree Star's beauty bits for a while, so I finally did - round of applause for me. So.. I ordered these two product through Cocktail Cosmetics and they arrived in just two days. No silly international shipping fees, no extra surprise customs fees, just £4.95 for standard delivery. The lip scrub was £9.00 and the liquid lipstick was £14.00.

Fashion Wishlist

My Makeup Collection - Foundations

Instead of cramming my whole make-up collection into one post, I thought I'd do it product at a time to make it less boring for you. In the past year, my love for make-up has grown a lot - finally I'm becoming a girl. So lets get down to business, these are the seven foundations I swap between quite often - sticking to one is hard and matching a foundation to your skin tones is the worst task ever!

June Goals

I actually did quite well and managed to stick to the previous goals I gave myself for last month. So here's to attempting to keep it up by giving myself some more goals for this month.

NYX Cosmetics

I popped my NYX cherry! So to my amazement, NYX Cosmetics opened a beauty counter at the Boots store in Bluewater on June 1st. Whilst out shopping today, I thought to myself 'I don't need anymore makeup right now, but it won't hurt to look' - and I came home with these six products, oops. I grabbed three of their single highlight shades, two soft matte lip creams, and the HD finishing powder.

May Favourites

Beauty Favourites

Perfectly Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Holland & Barrett - £15.59
Now don't be completely put off by the price, I managed to get this exact one for half the price at the end of last year. You can get hold of 100% natural coconut oil from other shops as well, all you have to do is search it online. I use this stuff for everything, and I mean everything! On days that my hair feels particularly dry, I apply the oil all over my head and sometimes leave it in over night. I mix it with my favourite moisturising cream and cover myself in it, head to toe, then I feel super silky smooth. I use it on my face, my hands, my feet. I use it to keep my tattoos looking fresh. This stuff seriously is amazing.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula from Superdrug - £5.69
Again this is another product you can get from pretty much anywhere. I have loads of different moisturisers, but this one (and the gradual tan lotion also by palmer's) will always be my favourite. It smells good enough to eat and makes me feel sexy!

Places I Want To Visit

Venice Beach, California

It's been awhile since I last went on holiday and I'm kinda of having withdrawal symptoms from being somewhere other than England. I miss the sun, the heat and laying on the beach with a drink in my hand. Really, I'm just craving some time away from work - whether it's a getaway to spend a week or so laying in the sun or somewhere to site see. And even though I have already been to Iceland, Los Angeles and Los Vegas, I want to go back!
  • Amsterdam
  • Australia
  • Florida
  • Hawaii 
  • New York
  • New Zealand
  • San Francisco
  • Venice
What countries are on your travel wish list?

Things To Look Forward To

I keep a list on my phone of important dates and key events that I'm super excited for, so I thought I'd share those things with you. I've had an exciting year so far! Unfortunately, there are no holidays abroad booked just yet, which is highly upsetting - but fingers crossed we'll find something soon. Starting from this weekend, up until the end of the year:
  • 22nd May - MCE British Superbikes at Brands Hatch
  • 25th May - Issues, Hacktivist & Astroid Boys at Koko, Camden
  • 28th May - Aviva Premiership Rugby Final at Twickenham
  • 3rd June - Deftones at Wembley Arena
  • 9th June - Kerrang Awards at Troxy
  • 7th July - Tattoo Appointment
  • 14th July - Driving Lesson
  • 5th November - Bring Me The Horizon at The O2
  • 17th December - My 22nd!

What exciting things have you got to look forward to this year?

NYX Wishlist

May Goals

I wouldn't really describe myself as a goal orientated person, but I am trying to get into the habit of becoming more organised - so I'm hoping by setting myself monthly goals, I'll be a little more organised and happy with my way of life.

April Favourites

 Beauty Favourites

Shade- + Light Face Contour Palette by Kat Von D - $46.00
Since getting my hands on this and chatting briefly about it in my New Beauty Pick Ups post, I haven't stopped using it. All of my other contour goodies have been shoved aside to make room for this gem and I can safely say this is one of the best beauty purchases I've made this year.

Collective Haul

I ordered a few bits about a week ago and they all arrived around about the same time this week, so I thought I'd gather them together and put them in one haul post for you all.


It starts off with the best purchase I've made this year and that is the Fenty x Puma Leadcat slides that were released on Friday 22nd and sold out the same day. I managed to get a black pair just seconds after they we released online - as you can imagine I was really quite happy after that. I bought mine through Office's website for £59.99.

My Palette Collection

I have already spoken about my Revolution and Kat Von D palettes - so instead of repeating myself and you all getting bored, I'll just talk about the ones I haven't mentioned yet.

Daily Makeup Routine

This is my go to makeup routine I've been following for the past month or so now. There's not much to it, as I don't like putting to much effort into my makeup when I'm only going to work. If I'm going anywhere else, I'll add some contour and lipstick - but for work I like to go for a natural bare face kind of look.

New Beauty Pick-ups

I went shopping last weekend for the first time in what seemed like forever and I was out on a misson to get hold of the new strobe and contour kits from Makeup Academy. I walked straight to the MUA stand in Superdrug and there they were in all their glory. I'm a sucker for nice packaging - just look at it! To start with I only bought the strobe and glow highlight kit, but after getting home and thinking non stop about it, I ordered the bronze and sculpt contour kit in light/medium. Their only £5 each so you can't really go wrong.

Make Up Wishlist

Homeware Wishlist

Skincare Routine

Naming this my 'skincare routine' isn't actually right, as I'm quite bad at sticking to routines and every night is different. I tend to stick with the same cleanser as I've finally found one I'm happy with and that is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I use that to take off my make up by applying it to an oval cotton pad and using a circular motion, I gently rub all over my face.

Revolution Favourites

Make Up Revolution has become an ever growing favourite brand of mine that has now joint my make up collection and I'm loving it very much. I have a number of their palettes, liquid lipsticks and brushes.

My first purchase from them was the Ultra Brow - Fair to Medium palette and if I'm honest, I do love it, but.. I've only used it twice since buying it. I should use it more, but I struggle with filling my brows in with powders and the cream colours in the palette aren't perfect.

Now, the other three palettes I do use every time I do my make up.

I have the Ultra Contour Palette, the Blush Palette All About Cream and a highlight palette that I can't find on their website, so I can only assume that you can no longer buy it (which is a shame because it is amazing!).

Top 5 Nail Colours

I rarely ever paint my nails, but if I do I can guarantee it'll be one of these colours. I mean come on, how nice are they. Their nothing fancy, I know, their just simply from Next at £4 each or buy three for the price of two. There are tons of different colours, glitters and effects available, I will probably buy some more soon.


Yes, another Asos haul lovelies (but this time it's only one item).

So I ordered this on March 1st and I do realise that was only two days after my previous order, but I changed my mind on this item and it had 20% off, so really it was a no brainer and I just had to purchase it. I had been eyeing up this piece for months and when I mentioned to my mum that it had money off, she was the one who pushed me into buying it.

I was unsure on it before because of the length and being only 5'3" I didn't want it being too long and risk it making me look even shorter than I am. But it is perfect and I'm so chuffed that I changed my mind. Yet again, Cheap Monday have won my heart with little number and I will be wearing it as often as I can when Summer comes.

My only problem with this is what to wear with it, like what shoes does one wear with a mid length dyed denim sleeveless dress? I'm thinking more on the lines of my black double strap Birkenstock sandals. I need some help with this one lovelies.


So I ordered some stuff from Asos on February 28th and it came the next day (yes I have the premier unlimited next day delivery for a whole year, that costs just £9.95). It wasn't a big order but I was still excited for it to arrive.

The contents of this parcel included two Cheap Monday t-shirts (as shown below) and a three pack of Calvin Klein bikini briefs, which are super comfy. I highly recommend Calvin Klein's! £38 for three pairs, what more could you ask for.
The grey t-shirt shown on the right is part of Cheap Monday's new collection and I fell completely in love with it, it's priced at £30. It also comes as a dress, but is a kind of charcoal grey colour. The blush pink t-shirt I believe is a sale item, as it is from a previous collection also by Cheap Monday. But because it is such a lovely colour, I had to purchase it and it was only £18! Usually my colour selection is just black, white or grey, but it can't hurt to own a little bit of pink.

I bought them both in a 'small' which is a UK 10 and they fit perfectly. Slightly oversized, as I tend to be either an 8 or 10 in t-shirts, but oversized didn't hurt no body. If you follow me on instagram, you'll probably see a lot more of these in the near future as the weather gets warmer.

Remember lovelies, if you have an NUS card you can get 10% off your purchases at Asos (not including sale) and sometimes they do offers where students can get extra money off!

Make Up Haul

This is my first make up haul of many, so get used to seeing a mixture of products and brands. The majority of them will all be from high street stores and the occasional Avon order. Lets get down to business!

Now, the Barry M kohl pencil is my holy grail for filling in my eyebrows. I have countless brow palettes and brown eyeshadow shades that I've also used to fill in my eyebrows, but I will always come back to the kohl pencil. I'm still yet to get my hands on a brow pomade by either ABH or the cheaper alternative by Freedom Make Up.

I've heard nothing but good things about the L'Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Stay Fresh Foundation, so I'm trying it out for myself and I will let you lovelies know if it worth the hype. 

And saving the best till last, the Goddess of Love Highlighter! I've been wanting this for a while, so when I saw it whilst out shopping, I didn't hesitate. It's a complete bargain at £4.99 and I can tell now, it'll be my new favourite highlighter.

Lush's Cup O' Coffee

This is by far the greatest product I have bought from Lush. I've tried other products, such as the New shampoo bar, the Mask Of Magnaminty face and body mask and the Tea Tree Water.

The first time I used Cup O' Coffee, I will honestly say, I was a little scared. It didn't look so pleasant when I took off the lid, but it smelt absolutely incredible. I applied it to both my face and body, left it on for about ten minutes, then scrubbed it off in the shower.

First impressions.. BOOM! My skin felt so soft and like butter and it smelt amazing.

Yeah okay I will admit, it makes a bit of a mess when you wash it off and you will have to rinse out the bath after, but it is worth it!

If you don't own this killer product, you're missing out.

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