Things That Make Me Happy

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

I had been wanting to get some of Jeffree Star's beauty bits for a while, so I finally did - round of applause for me. So.. I ordered these two product through Cocktail Cosmetics and they arrived in just two days. No silly international shipping fees, no extra surprise customs fees, just £4.95 for standard delivery. The lip scrub was £9.00 and the liquid lipstick was £14.00.

Fashion Wishlist

My Makeup Collection - Foundations

Instead of cramming my whole make-up collection into one post, I thought I'd do it product at a time to make it less boring for you. In the past year, my love for make-up has grown a lot - finally I'm becoming a girl. So lets get down to business, these are the seven foundations I swap between quite often - sticking to one is hard and matching a foundation to your skin tones is the worst task ever!

June Goals

I actually did quite well and managed to stick to the previous goals I gave myself for last month. So here's to attempting to keep it up by giving myself some more goals for this month.

NYX Cosmetics

I popped my NYX cherry! So to my amazement, NYX Cosmetics opened a beauty counter at the Boots store in Bluewater on June 1st. Whilst out shopping today, I thought to myself 'I don't need anymore makeup right now, but it won't hurt to look' - and I came home with these six products, oops. I grabbed three of their single highlight shades, two soft matte lip creams, and the HD finishing powder.

May Favourites

Beauty Favourites

Perfectly Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Holland & Barrett - £15.59
Now don't be completely put off by the price, I managed to get this exact one for half the price at the end of last year. You can get hold of 100% natural coconut oil from other shops as well, all you have to do is search it online. I use this stuff for everything, and I mean everything! On days that my hair feels particularly dry, I apply the oil all over my head and sometimes leave it in over night. I mix it with my favourite moisturising cream and cover myself in it, head to toe, then I feel super silky smooth. I use it on my face, my hands, my feet. I use it to keep my tattoos looking fresh. This stuff seriously is amazing.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula from Superdrug - £5.69
Again this is another product you can get from pretty much anywhere. I have loads of different moisturisers, but this one (and the gradual tan lotion also by palmer's) will always be my favourite. It smells good enough to eat and makes me feel sexy!

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